• Kim Abel

Reasons to Hire a Wedding Pro

Think of it this way... not having a Wedding Coordinator on one of the most important days of your life is like not having a head coach at the playoffs. The plays will still get called, but you risk losing the game, and isn't it worth the peace of mind knowing there a Pro leading the way?

A Wedding Coordinator or a Wedding Planner does not just show up the day of the wedding. There are hundreds of hours spent planning leading up to the BIG day - and all that time spent ensures everything is as seamless as possible - No Fumbles!

A good Coordinator doesn't just organize, they have excellent time management skills - allowing for multiple parts of your wedding day to be brilliantly orchestrated - often times, heading off problems before they become a wedding nightmare, and you are no more the wiser that one even existed - First Down!

A Wedding Pro will handle everything including: budgeting, vendor discounts and legal contracts, venue selection, space planning, and aligning your overall vision, coordinating the entire day, flipping the ceremony to the reception, vendor management, assisting the flower girl, queuing the music and everything in between - Pass Complete!

A Wedding Coordinator will alleviate all that undue stress so you can focus on getting ready. You will be able to enjoy the process - from fastening the last button on your dream gown, to pinning your hair with grandmother's clip, to applying the last bit of make-up so you can glow when you walk down the aisle - and not shine because you were "sweating all the details" - and it's because your Pro had the playbook - Touch Down! 🏈