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If the weather is bad on the day of our wedding, what other options are available to us? 

Weather can be unpredictable, but we are able to assist you in planning for weather changes. Running Y is able to hold an alternate/indoor venue at full price, or if there is predicted precipitation, we are able to guide you to vendor contacts to secure a covered structure.

Are we able to put up lights in the Outdoor Pavilion?

Yes, you are able to hang decorations and lights to create your beautiful wedding scene. This can be set up during your designated set up times/prior to your event, coordinate with your event manager. Décor items must be taken down at the close of your event, unless the space is unoccupied the following morning. Guests are responsible for leaving walls, posts, building and property of Running Y Ranch Resort undamaged and in original condition, otherwise damage fees may apply.

Are outdoor heaters allowed or provided for the Outdoor Pavilion?

Yes, outdoor heaters are allowed, but not provided at the Outdoor Pavilion. Heaters can be rented from an outside rental vendor. These can be arranged for drop-off and pick-up during the same set up times as décor.

How many does the Full Suite sleep, and what is the earliest check-in time available?

Our Full Suite is able to sleep 4 people - 2 people in the main bedroom and 2 people on the pull out sofa-bed in the living room. Early check-in is determined on the day of the reservation. Check-in time is 3 pm and guaranteed by 5 p.m.

Are we able to bring in our celebrator desserts, or wedding cake and are we able to store in your refrigerator?

Yes, you are certainly able to bring in your own delectable desserts and/or wedding cake. Running Y is not able to store your perishable items due to food handling and liability restrictions.

What wedding décor is included in the venue?

For all venues, indoor and outdoor, the following items are included at no extra cost: chairs, tables, elegant white, cream or black linens and skirting.

Can we bring in our own champagne or favorite vineyard of wine?

Yes, your party is able to bring in wine and champagne. A corkage fee of $15/per bottle applies, plus service charge. Wine/champagne may be placed on tables or served from the banquet bar by banquet staff.

When are we allowed in the venues to set up our décor items and decorate? Are we able to set up the day before?

Set up may be done prior to your event. The exact set up times are dependent on availability and are able to be coordinated with your event manager.

How late are we able to use the venues?
All outdoor events must end by 10:00 p.m. - with music lowered by 9:00 p.m. Running Y residents live here year-round and quiet hours begin at 10:00 p.m. Events in the Woodlands Ballroom must end by 12:00 a.m. for close of business. The Lodge Conference Room has a hard noise cut off by 9:00 p.m. - but are allowed to continue until 10:00 p.m. if Lodge rooms neighboring the event space are occupied by the group.

Are we able to use our own caterer?

We offer amazing on-site catering, therefore outside food or beverage is not allowed in the venues (exception: wedding cake/desserts and wine/champagne with corkage fee). We are able to customize any menu and cater to your specific tastes. 

When do we have to clean up and take down décor?

Clean up and take down is required post-event. Alternate clean up and take down times may be offered based on availability and can be coordinated with your event manager.

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